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Consider This Your First Step to a Successful Digital Signage Campaign


The use of digital signage is varied and diverse, qui means clustering the background, knowledge and skill to brought` Creating happy to be Delivered via this Powerful medium is just as diverse and varied.


Consider the stark differences entre a four-star hotel chain that's Decided at the corporate level to use digital signs Throughout ict properties to welcome guests, and offer wayfinding Promote various features and amenities. Now think about the local sports bar that's added  digital signs  to Promote featured drinks and menu items while patrons quench Their thirst and watch the game.


These are two Entirely different kinds of businesses, with dramatically different resources to Spend on digital  signage happy , varied levels of experience with using media to reach the public and quite diverse ideas about What They Would like to Accomplish with digital signs.


Regardless of These differences, HOWEVER, the hotel chain and single sports bar -along with all digital signage --other Users- shoulds share one common characteristic When It Comes to Digital Signage: They need to determine Their return on investment -not simply on the hardware and software needed goal aussi on the digital content to be used.


Determining ROI on digital signage hardware and software is pretty straightforward. Simply divide the expense of Both by Their Anticipated Useful life in months or years. (For this example, I'll use months.) Then subtract this monthly expense from the revenue generated by the digital signs and divide this difference by the monthly expense.


For example, the ROI of a simple,  single-sign  system costing $ 6,000 for hardware, software and display Would look like this. Assuming a Useful life of five years, or 60 months, $ 100 of expense shoulds be assigned to When Each month of the system's Useful life. If the sign Generates an additional $ 150 in business per month, Then The ROI in this example is 50 percent [that is $ 150 (returned) - $ 100 (monthly expense of signage) = $ 50 / $ 100 (monthly expense of signage) = .5] .


La même sort of ROI equation Can Be Applied to digital signage happy; HOWEVER, there are A Few wrinkles to Consider That make doing so a little trickier. First, Consider que le Useful life of happy will be far shorting Than That of the hardware and software. To be effective, That Is to Consistently Attract the Attention of owners, content must be fresh and relevant. THUS, in a retail setting, the Useful Life of happy Likely will be Measured in weeks, days-even and Possibly During some times of the year.


Second, the expense side of the equation is a little more complex When It Comes to digital signage happy. For instance, will be happy created in-house or by an outside agency? If in-house, a new employee will be  required , or will an existing graphic artist take on the responsibility. Will Elements of happy created once be repurposed again and again in successive campaigns, THUS Requiring apportionment of expenses happy across multiple uses? Will "free" content, Such As an RSS feed, be leveraged In Some campaigns and not others, THUS Impacting digital content expenses are differently? Will the digital content be used in multiple locations across so a portion of the expense can be assigned to When Each rental?


Third, digital signage happy frequently HAS nothing to do with trade. When revenue generation is not the goal of the sign, Determining the ROI is pleased gets a little squishy. Considerations Such As goodwill created Among the public are much harder to  QUANTIFY  than dollars and cents.


Even though Determining the return on investment of Creating Digital signage can be happy difficulties, it is essential. After all, doing so is the logical first step in Assessing the value of Any Given pleased digital signage campaign.


David Little is a charter member of the Digital Screenmedia Association with 20 years of experience helping professionals use technology to Effectively communiquer. For further Top digital signage insight from Keywest Technology, visit our website For Many helpful tips and examples. For more in-depth research from Keywest Technology, download our free  digital signage  white papers and case studies.